A 3-D Animated Adventure Game

Relive the magic of Sierra On-Line in stunning detail as we celebrate the artwork, the people, and the passion behind one of gaming's most beloved success stories. In a fascinating real-life adventure, the Art of Sierra team unearths rare treasures scattered across the globe, bringing them together again in an archival publishing event for the ages.

The Project

We'd like to thank you for taking time to explore the Art of Sierra project. Our globe-spanning adventure does, indeed, continue for there are many Sierra artifacts still waiting to be discovered. A true labor of love, the project has been made possible by the generous loans of hundreds of items over the last 10 years. Now you can help complete the quest.


The Art of Sierra project has a system in place that makes it extremely easy to digitally archive and return your materials, document your stories, and preserve your memories for inclusion in this landmark publication. There are no expenses incurred on your end, and in most cases the materials are returned in better form than when sent to us! Take a look.

- Josh Mandel

  Game Designer

“... the artists managed to do consistently breathtaking work. they were breathtaking even in ega, for heaven’s sake. the art and music enlightened every game, and were inarguably the best in the industry.”

The Adventure Continues...

Celebrate the art and history of adventure

Help us preserve the past

About the Book

An Inside Look

Over twenty years of software excellence


Within its pages, the Art of Sierra will take you on a visual journey that spans the company's entire catalog of products, with commentary and insight from the very people (in many cases, that's you!) that authored the original works. You'll experience incredibly detailed archival scans, photographs, and artwork from both in and surrounding the games themselves. Game development and marketing materials - original design documents, storyboards, music, programming, and promotional work - will fill the Art of Sierra, making it virtually impossible to walk away without a greater appreciation and understanding of Sierra's legacy. Collectors, game enthusiasts, and those previously affiliated with Sierra will discover an unforgettable chronicling of the complete Sierra library - from its early beginnings in 1979 and journeying through the golden years of adventure gaming.

"never apologize for your passion... it's what sets your project apart from the rest."


- Kevin Toyama

  Editor, Chronicle Books

A Passion for


Handcrafted in the Fable Foundry

Meet the Creators

Designed and developed by three passionate industry professionals, every aspect of the Art of Sierra project has been meticulously crafted - much like the adventure games themselves. For Brandon Klassen, Eriq Chang, and Brad Herbert, Sierra games went beyond entertainment - the company's culture, artistry, and values have profoundly influenced their choices and decisions, touching both their lives and their careers. For over a decade, the Art of Sierra team has remained close to the studio's artists and designers, working side-by-side with talented Sierra alumni including Space Quest creators Mark Crowe and Scott Murphy, Quest for Glory's Lori & Corey Cole, Jane Jensen, the designer of Gabriel Knight, and many more.


Also a constant source of inspiration, the team has worked tirelessly within the adventure game community - on archival efforts with Ken Williams' Sierra Gamers, Mike Marecek's YCBSRSLY! Show, Rudy Marchant's The Sierra Chest, and on the development of new adventures with companies like AGD Interactive, Phoenix Online, and Infamous Quests.


A collaboration of the best kind, the team's combined industry experience and life-long passion will result in a rich, memorable preservation event filled with the same love and attention to detail Sierra was famous for - a project that reciprocates the storytelling excitement pioneered by Ken and Roberta Williams.

Help Us Tell the Story

"... an unprecedented look inside a game company that changed the way we viewed, played, and interacted with home entertainment forever."

For those of you that worked at Sierra, this is your official yearbook - a scrapbook of unparalleled scope and magnitude! And for the rest of us, it will be an unprecedented look inside a game company that changed the way we viewed, played, and interacted with home entertainment forever.

Items We Need

Here's a visual way to think of the book we're creating together - it's the mid-90s… and you have an all-access pass inside Sierra's headquarters. You'll spend an 8-hour day running around Sierra's hallways - peering into every office, cabinet, computer, and photo album you come across - if it's not nailed down, pick it up! You won't walk away knowing everything, but you will gain tremendous insight into Sierra's process - viewing development up close and personal - and in stunning detail. This is the vision for the Art of Sierra - a tome filled with stories, magic, and memories from the very people that brought the games to market.

Your Memories

Historical Information

Artwork of Any Kind


Design Documents

Computer Code Snippets

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Music Score Sheets

Internal Memos

Dialogue Scripts

Character Sheets


In-House Tools

Demo / Alpha Builds

Used, Moist Towelettes


Anything Sierra!

Seeking Loaned Materials

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Supporters & Contributors

Our Process

Most material contributions fit in one of two categories: Physical Loaned Items or Sharing of Memories. Both have equal importance in the book, and we'll take a look at how those are accomplished.

How It Works

- Andy Hoyos

   Artistic Director

“working with lori and corey on the lush jungle artwork of quest for glory iii will always be one of the most memorable highlights of my career.”

The Art of Sierra Project

supporters & contributors

We've worked with numerous fans & friends over the past decade to document hundreds of pieces for the book. Here are some of our original contributors:

Frequently Asked Questions

"Sierra On-Line, Can I help you."

Over the course of ten years, you can imagine how many questions we've been asked about the book, the project, and especially artwork and memorabilia.

click on a question to reveal the answer. But don't cheat! Roberta is watching!

- Eriq Chang

  Founder, Fable Foundry

“i often reminisce with my sierra friends about how amazing it would be to go back in a time machine...  that through hard work and perseverance, one day we’d collaborate with the people who inspired us. not a day has gone by where i have forgotten the magic of sierra. i have carried my sierra memories (and artifacts) by my side for many years and i am very excited to share the work of our talented team with the world.”


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